Terms of Service

OSRS Terms of Service:

1. You will provide everything needed for the service. Unless stated and agreed upon otherwise.

2. You MAY NOT log into the account whilst a service is being done for you unless you have permission from us. If you log in without permission it will result in the termination of the service with NO REFUND.

3. When you order from our services, you accept and acknowledge that you must remove all unnecessary wealth off of the account. If you fail to remove said wealth, (unless given a valid reason), we are not responsible for any potential loss of wealth.

4. If we are unable to complete an order, you will be refunded the value of what is left.

5. We reserve the right to decline any orders.

6. Any infractions to accounts while doing services are not our responsibility. We will be happy to provide any and all screenshots throughout to prove it's hand done.

7. We aren't responsible for any HCIM/UIM Death due to game issues or worker errors.

8. Do not message workers directly; keep all conversations within the ticket to ensure full safety.

9. Only our team of Owners, Supervisors and Moderators are allowed to take payment for orders.

10. By purchasing from us you fully agree to these terms of service.

Discord Server Rules:

1. Do not post invites or advertise other servers.

2. Do not post any spam or advertisements for gold selling, account selling or rsps servers.

3. Discrimination, hate speech, doxing or irl threats will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

4. Treat others with respect and decency. No flaming.

5. Do not share personal information or pictures about another user without consent


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