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Meta Services was started by VNV, a passionate Runescape player who's played Runescape since 2005. After completing a max cape in Pre-Eoc & achieving max total in Old School Runescape, VNV decided to offer skilling & questing services in 2019 as a part time hobby. Starting with just a small team of three, Meta quickly rose to one of the top service providers available on the market.

After 1 year in service, with 1000's of completed orders, we have a team of 15 experienced & hardworking trainers ready to take on any task. Whether it be a Dragon Warhammer hunt on your Ironman, a 99 Runecrafting boost on your main, or build your dream PKing account, Meta puts the client first. We listen to your needs and requests and involve you in the whole ordering process. No lying, no overcharging, no deception, no bullshit. 

We pride ourselves on:
1. Fantastic Customer Service

2. Cheap, Realistic & Reliable Prices

3. Speedy Turnaround

You can expect that on all service orders. The Meta Guarantee!


The Meta for OSRS Services

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